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We manufacture flexible thin-film solar solutions that bring reliable electric power to use cases where mass, shape & survivability matter.

Ascent solar films are developed using proprietary CIGS manufacturing processes

We bring together 40 years of R&D, 15 years of manufacturing, numerous awards and extensive patent protection to cement our leadership in the photovoltaics market.

Our thin film PV panels are manufactured using cutting-edge CIGS (Copper-Indium-Gallium-Selenide) with patented monolithic integration.

Our patent-protected processes enable us to precisely apply layers of these elements on a thin (25micron) polyamide substrate to create resilient and featherweight panels that convert sunlight into electric power.

Ascent Solar is the only manufacturer commercially producing CIGS solar on a plastic substrate with monolithic integration, a key differentiator that reinforces Ascent Solar's leadership in the solar industry.

Customer showcase


Agrivoltaics (AgPV)

Tube Solar AG uses Ascent solar films to transform the future of agriculture 

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High Altitude Flight

Silent Falcon UAV using Ascent thin films achieves a 50% range extension


Space & Defense

NASA tests validate Ascent's superior performance for space environments

Operations & Production


Ascent Solar is headquartered in Thornton, Colorado, 10 miles north of downtown Denver.

Our 139,000 square foot headquarters supports R&D, Manufacturing, Operations, and office space for Ascent employees.

Our teams support our innovation by bringing decades of technical experience in thin-film solar & semiconductor industries. The density of high tech companies & leading engineering universities in the Denver metro area provide us with a continuous pipeline of locally based talent. 

Research Partners



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