• Our solar is designed to power propulsion systems and a variety of payloads
  • Direct integration for increased flight time and payload operating times with minimal impact to airframe weight
  • Large UAVs can use PV as emergency power for integration with alternator-based systems
  • Our PV can be co-cured during conventional composite fabrication processes for seamless integration with your airframe
  • Ascent Solar can provide engineering services and assistance for electrical interface systems and custom PV integration design
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Key Specifications
Areal Density <400 g/m2
Specific Power >200 W/kg
Module Voltage Range <1 - 300 Volts
Available Power in a Single Packaged Module <1 - 120 Watts
Module Sizes:  
Length 50 - 2000 mm
Width 50 - 600 mm
Thickness 0.4 mm
*STC: 1000 W/m2, 25°C module temperature, AM 1.5 spectrum; Electrical specifications typical.
Download Superlight CIGS Technology handout

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