The seamless integration of our award-winning solar technology allows for increased flight time, and its superior power-to-weight ratio keeps your vehicle light. Engineered for optimal performance in sub-zero temperatures and minimal sunlight, our ultra-lightweight and thin PV is an ideal fit for deep space exploration.

  • High-Powered, Space-Compatible
  • PV Built-In Redundancy
  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Monolithically-Integrated Large-Area Module
  • Complete Customized Solutions at 270V and Greater
  • Ready for Large Volume Production

Deep Space: Our Next Frontier

We have soared beyond the initial round of challenges on to further testing with JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency for deep space missions in coming years. JAXA is planning a mission to Jupiter. Ascent’s lightweight, flexible, and durable modules offer a perfect solution to radiation and temperature variances in space. The success of our testing with JAXA has opened the door to relationships with many other entities around the world with serious interest in space exploration.

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