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Ascent’s technology enables the most robust, power-dense, fabric-integrated soldier systems for forward operating bases and portable solar chargers for individual soldiers. These products have the capability of directly reducing the military’s dependence on conventional fossil-fuel based power systems, while simultaneously reducing the physical burden and security risk to soldiers.
  • A wide range of existing PV products from consumer to military applications and portable PV power solutions ranging from 12 Watts to 120 Watts (can further customize sizes upon request)
  • Custom engineering and modeling services for solar integration into new or existing systems
  • Bare photovoltaic (PV) modules suitable for integration into drones and ground sensors
  • Highest energy density available on thin film PV
  • Clean, alternative energy source
  • Lightweight, flexible and rugged construction
  • Monolithic integration and redundant design enhances reliability and longevity

New Options for the Military, Government and the Public Sector

Government, Public Sector, and the Military benefit greatly from Ascent Solar’s unique solar technology and represent for us attractive and satisfying markets. For example, after water and fuel, portable batteries are the third heaviest item a soldier carries in the field. The need for lightweight and durable solar solutions that recharge essential electronics while in combat scenarios cannot be overstated. This advantage also applies in both crisis and routine undertakings where Ascent’s portable, durable, and lightweight solar technology is a perfect fit for first responders and anyone who needs to carry power on-the-go.


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Learn more about our Extreme Technology and Custom Solutions. Also check out our off-the-shelf Ascent XD12 USB Solar Charger and Ascent XD48 Solar Charger.

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