Ascent’s Superlight solar modules can be seamlessly integrated into drones, UAVs, and high-altitude airships, allowing flight time to increase by 30-50%. This offers an attractive trade-off over additional batteries or engines built into the aircraft, which can add significant weight to the unit.

  • Can Power Propulsion Systems, Payloads, or Ground Control Systems
  • Seamless Integration with Minimal Impact to Airframe Weight
  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Monolithically Integrated Large-Area Modules
  • Complete Customized Solutions at 270V and Greater
  • Ready for Large Volume Custom Production

Innovation Takes Flight

By collaborating with Silent Falcon, an unmanned aircraft manufacturer in the United States, we increased flight time by 50%. This was achieved by seamlessly integrating our solar modules into the wings of its airplanes and exemplifies the next generation power solutions for the industry. Silent Falcon sells its own UAVs to the private and public sector. Our relationship with Silent Falcon has led to several other solar integration opportunities within the aerospace market.

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