After two decades of research and development, Ascent Solar was formed in 2005, to commercialize leading-edge CIGS photovoltaic technology on flexible, plastic substrate. Ascent’s unique monolithic integration process enables the highest level of efficiency, durability & weight savings representing the potential to transform the way solar power can be used in everyday life. Ascent Solar’s Research and Development and its 30 MW nameplate production facility is in Thornton, Colorado.

By pioneering a technology that is recognized as the future of the solar industry, Ascent has cemented itself as the leader in the manufacturing of innovative, high performance, flexible thin-film solar panels for both existing and emerging defense, consumer electronic, space, and aerospace applications.

Ascent’s results-oriented team is focused on continued technical innovation while effectively developing current market opportunities and enabling customers to create transformational applications using solar power.


To deliver clean and innovative power solutions for everyone everywhere.



At Ascent Solar we design, develop, and manufacture
the ultimate solar technology and power solutions
for remote locations and extreme environments.



Ascent Solar was presented the R&D 2015 award for the development of their MilPak solar blanket. The MilPak™ 60E is an IP67 rated, fully integrated, mobile power solution that includes a foldable photovoltaic blanket with an attached waterproof battery case that houses a maximum peak power tracker, 86.5 Watt-hour of power storage with battery management circuitry, a 55 Watt 24 volt power circuit, and two high-current USB circuits.

Ascent Solar was recognized as one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 Inventions in 2011 for the development of their thin-film PV on plastic technology. This allows for the unique possibility of seamless integration into vehicles, buildings material and more without being confined to rigid structures.

Ascent Solar was recognized for developing CIGS (Copper-Indium-Gallium-Selenide) on a polyimide substrate. This demonstrated that solar cell material can be made with roll-to-roll processing on a flexible, lightweight polyimide substrate with monolithic integration.


Ascent Solar is always innovating; resulting in over 80 U.S. and International issued patents and published patent applications.